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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The reapers are loudly singing

The reapers are loudly singing,
As out in the harvest field
They gather the grain from valley and plain,
With willing and tireless hands.
The winds from afar come bringing
Glad news of abundant yield,
Of work to be done, of souls to be won
For God at His own command.

“The field is the world,” O reaper,
There’s plenty for all to do;
Arise and begin the work that shall win
For you an immortal crown.
The Lord is thy guide and keeper,
With grace to carry you thro’;
He calls you today, then trust and obey,
And reap till the sun goes down.

The Master hath all commanded,
To labor and watch and pray;
To diligent be, and faithful, if we
Would share in the vict’ries won;
Then why will you empty-handed
Appear, at the close of day,
Accounting to give, and hope to receive,
A blessing for nothing done?


Join in the song that is wafted along,
And gather the grain from hill and from plain,
For garners beyond the sky.
     Chas. H. Gabriel   

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