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Sunday, January 26, 2014

There are sweetest songs at morning

There are sweetest songs at morning,
Joyous songs of love and praise
To the tender, loving Father
Who hath crowned with love our days;
There are songs at dark of evening,
Sweetest songs at noontide bright,
But the songs which are the sweetest
God doth send us in the night.

It may be a minor cadence,
We have learned in pain and care,
But ‘twill be so much the sweeter,
When we sing it over there;
Christ will change to sweetest music,
Our poor trembling, broken strain;
He will sing it with His children,
Set to heaven’s glad refrain.

When the midnight darkness gathers,
And the mid-day fancies cease,
There comes in the solemn silence,
Sweetest whisper of His peace;
For, like frightened little children,
When all else grows dark and dim,
We come nearer to our Savior,
Knowing we are safe with Him.


O the songs of the night,
How they strengthen us to meet the day;
O the songs in the night
How they cheer and help us on the way.
     E. M. Sherman

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