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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Evening and morning

     Evening and morning,
     Sunset and dawning,
     Wealth, peace and gladness,
     Comfort in sadness,
These are Thy works; all the glory be Thine!
     Times without number,
     Awake or in slumber,
     Thine eye observes us,
     From danger preserves us,
     Causing Thy mercy upon us to shine.

     Father, O hear me;
     Pardon and spare me;
     Calm all my terrors,
     Blot out my errors,
That by Thine eyes they may no more be scanned.
     Order my goings;
     Direct all my doings;
     As it may please Thee,
     Retain or release me;
     All I commit to Thy Fatherly hand.

     Griefs of God’s sending
     Soon have an ending;
     Clouds may be pouring,
     Wind and wave roaring;
Sunshine will come when the tempest has past.
     Joys still increasing,
     And peace never ceasing,
     Fountains that dry not,
     And roses that die not,
     Blooming in Eden, await me at last.
                      Paul Gerhardt  Tr Richard Massie

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