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Friday, May 30, 2014

How blessed, from the bonds of sin

How blessed, from the bonds of sin
And earthly fetters free,
In singleness of heart and aim
Thy servant, Lord, to be!
The hardest toil to undertake
With joy at Thy command,
The meanest office to receive
With meekness at Thy hand!

With willing heart and longing eyes
To watch before Thy gate,
Ready to run the weary race,
To bear the heavy weight;
No voice of thunder to expect,
But follow, calm and still,
For love can easily divine
The One Beloved's will.

Thus may we serve Thee, Gracious Lord!
Thus ever Thine alone,
Our souls and bodies given to Thee,
The purchase Thou hast won;
Through evil or through good report
Still keeping at Thy side.
By life or death, in this poor flesh
Let Christ be magnified!

How happily the working days
In this dear service fly!
How rapidly the closing hour,
The time of rest, draws nigh!
When all the faithful gather home,
A joyful company.
And ever where the Master is,
Shall His blest servants be.
       Karl Johann Philipp Spitta Tr Jane Borthwick

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