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Friday, October 18, 2013

Waiting is the golden harvest

October 18

Waiting is the golden harvest,
Waiting is the golden grain,
While the Master calls for reapers
From the hillside and the plain!

Truly is the harvest plenteous,
But the laborers are few;
Pray ye that the Lord of harvest
Send forth workmen tried and true.

Will the Master hold us guiltless,
If the work be left undone?
If for lack of labor perish,
Precious souls we might have won?

Haste, oh, hasten, willing workers,
Swiftly speed the hours away;
Hearken to the Master’s warning,
“Work ye while ‘tis called today!”

Who is willing? who is ready?
Who will go and work today?
See the golden harvest waiting;
Who will bear the sheaves away?
     Annie Cummings

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