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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

All glory to my Saviour

December 10

All glory to my Saviour,
For He hath made me free;
There’s joy among the angels,
They’re singing over me;
The precious blood of Calv’ry
Is cleansing me from sin,
And in my ransomed spirit
The songs of heav’n begin.

There’s joy among the angels,
They sweep their harps of gold
O’er one poor sinner turning
To seek the Shepherd’s fold;
O come, dear friend, to Jesus,
And you’ll be happy too,
And set the blessed angels
A singing over you!

Sing on, sing on, bright angels,
There’s purer bliss above!
My Saviour’s joy is greater,
For greater is His love;
When one repentant sinner
He welcomes to His breast,
In raptured hallelujahs
He leadeth all the rest!

Glory, glory, glory to my Saviour!
Glory, glory, sing His grace so free!
There’s joy among the angels
Around the crystal sea;
All glory to my Saviour-
They’re singing over me!
     L. H. Edmunds

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