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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sometime, I can not tell how soon

December 24

Sometime, I can not tell how soon,
My Lord to me will say:
“It is enough, thy task is done,
Come thou from earth away.”
Sometime, I know not when ‘twill be;
But this, O Lord, I ask of Thee,
May I, when Thou shalt call for me,
Be ready in that day.

Somewhere, to me it is not known,
Where that blest place may be;
I shall behold Him on His throne,
And all His beauty see.
Somewhere, but where I can not tell;
Yet He who doeth all things well,
To that fair hav’n where He doth dwell,
My faithful guide will be.

Somewhere, sometime, the cares and woes
That rise like phantoms grim,
Shall vanish in the light that glows
Beyond earth’s shadows dim.
Then let no doubt or fear molest;
My Father knoweth what is best;
Enough for me that I shall rest,
Somewhere, sometime with Him.

Somewhere, I know not where,
Tho’ where or when I can not tell,
I shall in peace forever dwell,
With Him, somewhere, sometime.
     Mrs. Ida M. Budd

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