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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Saved and kept by the power divine

Saved and kept by the power divine,
Saved to the uttermost, Jesus is mine!
He's redemption and righteousness too,
Trusting in Him all my life is made new.

Saved and kept ev’ry step of the way;
Christ is a Savior who saves ev’ry day,
Saves from bondage of sin and of strife,
Keeps in the sphere of His glorious life.

Saved and kept, never doubting His word,
Filled with the peace and the joy of my Lord;
Saved! no angel its meaning can know;
Kept by His grace daily whiter than snow!

Saved and kept till I look on His face,
Kept by Him unto the end of the race,
How my glad heart forever shall sing
Praises to Jesus, my Savior and King!

Saved and kept, O the glorious word!
Saved and kept by a wonderful Lord!
He who was dead and is risen from the grave,
Lives and is able to keep and to save.
     C. D. Martin

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