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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Heavenward still our pathway tends

Heavenward still our pathway tends;
  Here on earth we are but strangers,
Till our road in Canaan ends,
  Safely passed this wild of dangers:
Here we but as pilgrims rove,
For our home is there above.

Heavenward still, my soul, ascend!
  Thou art one of heaven’s creations;
Earth can ne’er give aim or end
  Fit to fill thy aspirations;
And a heaven enlightened mind
Ever turns, its source to find.

Heavenward still!  God calls to me
  In His Word, so loudly speaking;
Glimpses in that Word I see
  Of the home I’m ever seeking.
While my heart that call attends,
Still to heaven my path ascends.

Heavenward still when life shall close,
  Death to my true home shall guide me;
Then, triumphant o’er my woes,
  Lasting bliss shall God provide me.
Christ Himself the way has led;
Joyful in His steps I tread.
     Benjamin Schmolck  Tr. Frances Elizabeth Cox

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