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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

If God Himself be for me

If God Himself be for me,
I may a host defy;
For when I pray, before me
My foes, confounded, fly.
If Christ, the Head befriend me,
If God be my support,
The mischief they intend me
Shall quickly come to naught.

I build on this foundation:
That Jesus and His Blood
Alone are my salvation,
The true eternal good;
Without Him all that pleases
Is valueless on earth;
The gifts I owe to Jesus
Alone my love are worth.

His Holy Spirit dwelleth
Within my willing heart,
Tames it when it rebelleth,
And soothes the keenest smart.
He crowns His work with blessing,
And helpeth me to cry
“My Father!” without ceasing,
To Him Who reigns on high.

To mine His Spirit speaketh
Sweet words of soothing power;
How God for him that seeketh
For rest, hath rest in store-
How God Himself prepareth
My heritage and lot,
And, though my body weareth,
My heaven shall fail me not.
     Paul Gerhardt  Tr Richard Massie

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