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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Not a sound invades the stillness

July 13

Not a sound invades the stillness,
Not a form invades the scene,
Save the voice of my Beloved
And the person of my King.

And within those heav’nly places,
Calmly hushed in sweet repose,
There I drink with joy absorbing
All the love Thou wouldst disclose.

Wrapt in deep, adoring silence,
Jesus, Lord, I dare not move,
Lest I lose the smallest saying
Meant to catch the ear of love.

Rest, then, O my soul, contented;
Thou hast reached thy happy place
In the bosom of thy Savior,
Gazing up in His dear face.

Precious, gentle, holy Jesus!
Blessed Bridegroom of my heart,
In Thy secret inner chamber,
Thou wilt whisper what Thou art.
     D. K. W.

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