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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

There's sorrow and sadness on every side

July 24

There’s sorrow and sadness on every side,
And trials how often we meet;
Let this be our watchword whatever betide,
“Just shine and keep sweet.”

Shine brightest for Jesus when darkest the way,
When fierce opposition you meet;
His love can change midnight to radiant noonday;
“Just shine and keep sweet.”

His grace is sufficient whatever the test,
You never need suffer defeat;
Then scatter the sunlight, let others be blest;
“Just shine and keep sweet.”

Then walk in the light with God’s glory in view,
Salvation is full and complete;
Keep looking to Jesus, He’ll carry you through;
“Just shine and keep sweet.”

Shine and keep sweet, shine and keep sweet,
No matter what obstacles here you may meet;
With God on your side, ev’ry foe ‘neath your feet,
Just shine, brother, shine and keep sweet.
     Mrs. C. H. Morris

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