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Thursday, July 25, 2013

'Tis our faith in Jesus

July 25

‘Tis our faith in Jesus,
Brings the promise near;
‘Tis the love of Jesus,
Conquers ev’ry fear;
‘Tis the voice of Jesus,
Warns us ev’ry day;
‘Tis the blood of Jesus,
Takes our sins away.

‘Tis our trust in Jesus,
Makes us bold and brave;
‘Tis our hope in Jesus,
Looks beyond the grave;
‘Tis the smile of Jesus,
Makes the clouds depart;
‘Tis the eye of Jesus,
Searches ev’ry heart.

‘Tis the ear of Jesus,
Bending from the sky,
Hears the prayers we offer,
Hears the mourner’s cry;
On the arm of Jesus,
Sweetly we repose;
From the side of Jesus,
Living water flows.

Jesus in our trials,
Jesus in our cares,
Jesus in our praises,
Jesus in our prayers,
Jesus in our sorrows,
Jesus in our song,
O ‘tis always Jesus,
All our way along.
     Fanny J. Crosby

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