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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Above the sweetest songs of earth

August 29

Above the sweetest songs of earth,
Thro’ all the strife of gain and loss,
Above the sounds of grief and mirth,
I hear the story of the cross.
That story is a tale of love
That wipes away the sinner’s tears;
It makes him heir of heav’n above,
And gives him joy thro’ endless years.

O none but Jesus bore such scorn,
No stricken lamb so meek as He;
No other brow so bruised by thorn,
No other heart so bled for me.
No other feet the winepress trod,
No other hand so freely gave,
No Savior like the Son of God!
No love like His to reach and save!

O blessed cross of sacrifice,
Where Jesus died for me, for me!
The cross of my Redeemer, Christ,
Who makes the guilty captive free!
That shining cross shall ever stand
For all of love that man can know;
Yet none may fully understand
The love that God alone can show.

‘Tis the old, old story,
‘Tis the old, old story of the cross;
When eternity is hoary,
Precious still will be the story
Of redemption by the cross,
Of redemption by the cross.
     Carrie E. Breck

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