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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dark the storm is raging

August 7

Dark the storm is raging,
And loud the breaker’s roar;
See, a ship is sinking,
Help cometh from the shore.
A swimmer strong and dauntless,
Defies each foaming crest;
This his only question:
“O have I done my best?”

Many souls are shipwrecked
Upon life’s stormy main;
Let us do our utmost
Some soul for Christ to gain;
Be true and brave and fearless,
For they are sore distressed;
While the lost are dying,
Let each one do his best.

Swiftly time is flying,
The day will soon be o’er,
Night will gather round us;
‘Tis now or nevermore.
Then, faithful to our duty,
Obeying love’s behest,
Soon we’ll bear His “Welcome,
For ye have done your best.”

When the Master calls us,
Shall we stand the test?
For the love of Jesus,
O have we done our best
To rescue dying seamen and bring them into rest?
Can we say at even, “Yes, we have done our best?”
     Thoro Harris

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