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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saved, but not serving, my brother

August 3

Saved, but not serving, my brother,
Saved from your guilt, sin and woe?
Saved by the shed blood of Jesus,
And no debt of service you owe?

Bought with the blood of the Savior,
You, who were guilty of crime?
Pardoned, and yet you are saying,
To serve Him you cannot find time.

Saved, but with no tho’t of serving
Him, who served you with His life?
Selfishly using your freedom,
Nor heeding His call to the strife?

Talents, tho’ feeble, should serve Him,
Moments be used as His own;
Tasks that are mighty or lowly
Should be for His glory alone.

We’re saved for the service of Jesus,
Saved for His glory and praise;
We’re saved for the perishing millions,
Let service for Him fill our days.
     Elizabeth B. Miller

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