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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Earnest workers, Jesus calls you

August 8

Earnest workers, Jesus calls you,
Words of promise brings to you;
Strong in Him, whate’er befalls you,
Render service brave and true.

Steadfast to the field of labor,
Where His hand is guiding thee;
Yours to help a needy neighbor;
Tell His love, so full and free.

Larger now the field is growing;
Worldwide is the call today,
While with hope the sky is glowing;
Forward, up love’s shining way.

Earnest workers, there’s a blessing
In the task assigned to you;
More and more His grace possessing,
Haste, the Master’s will to do.

Hear the voice of Jesus pleading!
Onward, with a song of cheer;
Ev’ry word He bids you heeding,
For the twilight hour is near.
     E. E. Hewitt

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