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Friday, August 9, 2013

Sing it,-the love of the Savior

August 9

Sing it,-the love of the Savior,
Filling thy bosom today;
Sing of the gladness it brought thee,
Driving all sorrow away.
Sing of the sins all forgiven,
Sing of the heaven to be,
Sing, “I was once a poor sinner,”
Sing, “By God’s grace I am free.”

Tell it,-the love that sought after
Wayward and wandering feet;
Love that was full of compassion,
Love that was tender and sweet.
Tell how this love of thy Savior
Sought thee by night and by day,
Till thou no more couldst resist it,-
Tell it to others, I pray.

Live it,-this love of thy Savior,
Let the world see it in thee;
Be by thy life an evangel,
Till all Christ’s beauty may see.
Tell it, and scatter the sunshine,
Sing as you journey along;
Live out the love that is in thee,
Fill the whole world with thy song.

Sing it, sing it,
Sing it to all by the way;
Tell it, tell it,
Sing it and tell it today.
     E. E. Rexford

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