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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Do burdens oppress you

August 11

Do burdens oppress you?
Do sorrows distress you?
Let Jesus His pardon bestow.
His lifeblood He gave you
To ransom and save you:
Believe it-God says it is so.

Fear not the rough tossing,
Your Jordan now crossing,
Press on at His word of command;
Trust Him for the blessing,
And, Canaan possessing,
Go up and inherit the land.

His storehouse o’erfloweth,
And ever He knoweth
The yearning desires of each heart;
Your need cannot measure
The wealth of the treasure
He freely to all will impart.

The promises pleading,
Whatever you’re needing,
You’re certain from Him to receive;
Forever He liveth,
And, like a king, giveth
To all who will trust and believe.

Believe it, receive it,
And seek His salvation to know;
Don’t wait till you feel it,
But trust and receive it:
Believe it-God says it is so.
     Mrs. C. H. Morris

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