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Thursday, November 21, 2013

I’ve a Savior, kind and tender

November 21

I’ve a Savior, kind and tender,
I’ve a Savior full of grace,
And a smile of winning sweetness
Ever beams upon His face.
In my heart’s shrine of affection
He shall hold the highest place.

For my sake He came from Heaven
To this world of sin and shame;
Bore my guilt, tho’ He was guiltless,
And tho’ blameless, took my blame.
Can I ever cease to love Him,
And His goodness to proclaim?

Tho’ I’ve often been unworthy,
He has constant been, and true;
Tho’ I wronged Him, He forgave me
When I would my vows renew;
Tho’ I spurned Him, He with kindness
My rebellious heart did woo.

I’ve a Savior, kind and tender,
He would be your Savior, too;
Will you not accept the pardon
Which He freely offers you?
Take Him now as your Redeemer,
Earth has not a friend so true.

How I love Him!
How I love Him!
Since for me He bled and died;
How I love Him!
Yes, I love Him
More than all the world beside.
     Chas. M. Fillmore

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