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Saturday, November 23, 2013

On to the work He has given

November 23

On to the work He has given,
On with a true, willing heart;
Ready to help where you’re needed,
Earnestly doing your part.
All of one mind and united,
Putting forth efforts that tell;
Go with a zeal all consuming-
Do what you may, and that well.

Zeal for the Master increasing,
As you pursue the right way;
Zeal in His good ways of service,
List’ning for what He may say;
Yielding your ev’ry emotion
To His compassionate will;
Thus to His wisdom conforming,
That your right place you may fill.

Zeal for His cause is rewarded
By the results we attain
In the increase of His kingdom,
Thro’out His earthly domain;
Souls for our hire He will lend us,
If we with zeal work and pray;
And after all He will give us
Glory in Heaven some day.

“Zeal” for the cause of our Master,
“Zeal” shall our watchword be;
“Zeal” for the work He’s assigned us,
“Zeal” worthy others should see-
This is what Jesus would have us
Show in His work here below;
Then with a zeal never dying,
On in His service we go.
     Samuel W. Beazley

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