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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lift me higher, loving Jesus

November 16

Lift me higher, loving Jesus,
Far above this earthly strife;
Let Thy peace possess my spirit,
Grant Thy gift of endless life.
Guilty, lost, and undeserving, Lord,
I claim Thy pardon free;
Now, in Thine atoning mercy,
Lift me nearer, nearer Thee.

Lift me higher, lest my garments,
Trailing garments of the flesh,
In the sordid, earthly pathway,
Bring reproach on Thee afresh.
Lift me, Lord, above temptation,
Let me triumph by Thy grace;
Draw me nearer, that, unhindered,
I may gaze upon Thy face.

Lift me higher, lead me homeward,
Let my burden gently fall;
Let me face Thee, let me listen
For Thy softly whispered call.
Looking upward, till the dawning
Of the light celestial gleams,
Let me lean upon Thy bosom,
Where the radiant glory beams.

Lift me higher, tender Savior,
To the refuge of Thy breast;
Far above my sin and sorrow,
Let me on Thy bosom rest.
     Julia H. Johnston

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